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30x CBD Gummies 10MG Strength

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30 x 10MG CBD Gummies. Organic, Gluten Free, Plant Based, Vegan CBD Gummies (300MG). Coated in Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate. (300MG Total Per Pack). 

Our gummies are the best way to take CBD easily and effectively. All packs contain lemon, apple, orange, and strawberry flavors. They're plant-based, gluten-free, and made from real fruit juices. These truly are amazing and you won't be disappointed. 



Not suitable for those under 18 years of age, pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medication of any kind. This product is not intended to cure, treat or prevent any kind of disease. If you experience any adverse effects please consult a healthcare professional. May contain traces of nuts. Contains Less than 0.2% THC.

Do not exceed more than 70mg of CBD per day. 

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Ultimate CBD Health Benefits

CBD is short for cannabidiol and it is derived from the cannabis plant. There are over 100 compounds found in cannabis. Claims made in line with reporting from (view full article here)
May Reduce Anxiety

CBD may be able to help you manage anxiety. Researchers think it may change the way your brain’s receptors respond to serotonin, a chemical linked to mental health.

May Reduce Pain

The effects of CBD oil on your brain’s receptors may also help you manage pain. National Institutes of Health are also looking at the role of CBD in relieving symptoms caused by: Arthritis, Muscle Pain, MS Pain and Spinal Cord Injuries.

30x CBD Gummies 10MG Strength

Researchers are looking at a receptor located in the brain to learn about the ways that CBD could help people with neurodegenerative disorders, which are diseases that cause the brain and nerves to deteriorate over time. This receptor is known as CB1.

Quality guarantee

With Ultimate CBD Health you can be sure you're receiving quality accurately dosed CBD, all from a Novel Foods approved manufacturer.

Facts about CBD Oil

No, medical cannabis can contain higher levels of THC which gives you the feeling of being �High�. As the name suggests, it is also classified as a medicine and is regulated as such. You can only get medical marijuana / cannabis with a prescription and it is very rare that this would be prescribed in the UK.
CBD oil does not get you high, so you will not have any unusual or unpleasant feelings after taking this food supplement.
Many people turn to CBD oil for well-being purposes and to support a healthy lifestyle. As it is a food supplement, it is very easy to use everyday and it is exceptionally safe.
Yes, CBD is not a controlled substance and is from a variety of cannabis with naturally low levels of THC. CBD supplements can not get you high. However, only CBD oil that is derived from approved strains of the plant are legal.
When choosing your CBD Oil product, its important that you choose a reputable supplier. Since CBD oil is a food supplement and not a medicine, it isn�t currently monitored lie a medicine would be. This mean sit is up to the supplier to ensure their CBD is quality and fit for purpose. We have certifications available to prove the quality of our products. When buying CBD online you should always look for a supplier that is reputable, can be traced and knows what they are talking about.
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